Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Campus Sport leagues

Here at the University of Portsmouth we have one of the biggest intramural sport programmes in Higher Education

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  • Campus Sport semester 2 leagues - registration extended to 15/01/17!!


Looking for a team? 01 Sep

If you want to play football but haven't got a team, join our Facebook group ('UOP Campus Sport - find a team') where you can contact other players looking to form a team. 

Additionally you can register your details on this SportPAD website by creating an account, and posting the days you are available to play on your profile page. Let teams find you! 

You can also come along to our 'Get Active, Stay Active' drop-in sessions where you can have a kick about and meet new people who may also want to form a team and join a league. Visit www.sportportsmouth.co.uk and click on 'Get Active' for more information. 

*New to Campus Sport* 01 Sep

We strive to put on an excellent student experience through our Campus Sport programme, and as such, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our offer, and listen to your feedback. We've made the following changes this season:

Our 11-a-side football league is now a straight league competition, no play-off stages take place, meaning that EVERY team has more fixtures than last year, and your team can win the league outright by finishing top of the table. No second chances for other teams!

Football teams are now permitted to supply their own match ball for fixtures, and take it to EVERY game, taking away the need for teams to pay a ball deposit at the start of the season. The 'home' team are responsible for supplying the match ball for the start of each fixture, with the opposition's used as a reserve. 

It is no longer a requirement to pay a refundable deposit for football leagues that cover match balls, no-shows, and adhering to league procedures (e.g. putting goals away at end of games). Instead, any teams that don't adhere to league rules (e.g. attending all fixtures, putting away goals) will be penalised through a point deduction. 

Registering Players 02 Sep

You must register ALL players for your Campus Sport teams in order for them to be eligible to play. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Log in to your SportPAD account & go to your profile

2. Select the 'teams' tab at the top

3. Click on the 'players' tab

4. Click 'invite players' - you will be asked to enter the players' name and email address. 

They will then get an email and have to accept your invitation, and you should then see their names in your players' list in your profile. 

Please note that if you do not register your players, you may be penalised with a point deduction throughout the league!

2017-18 Leagues 02 Sep

The following leagues will be on offer this season:

- Badminton

- Football (11, 7, 6 & 5-a-side)

- Futsal

- Hockey

- Netball

- Squash

- Tennis



Todays Fixtures

No fixtures available

Open Competitions

2018-19 5-a-side League (Division A)
Closing date: 05 October 2018
2018-19 5-a-side League (Division B)
Closing date: 05 October 2018
2018-19 Friday 7-a-side League (Division A)
Closing date: 05 October 2018
2018-19 Saturday 11-a-side League
Closing date: 05 October 2018
2018-19 Sunday 11-a-side League (Grass)
Closing date: 05 October 2018